New Alto's Odyssey mobile game will have you surf in desert, new features revealed

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Alto's Odyssey, teased back in February, is the upcoming sequel to the popular endless snowboarding runner Alto's Adventure made by developer Built by Snowman.

As teased in the initial trailer released in February, Alto's Odyssey seems to move the scene from snowy mountains to desert sands, but little was revealed. Now the E3 video from an interview on the Gameslice YouTube channel can tell us more.

The video showed off some new features of Alto's Odyssey game, including wall riding that helps you glide across certain walls to cross dangerous chasms, balloon bouncing and wind swirls, while the essential mechanics remain the same, that you will be navigating your way downhill while collecting items, and the new game retains the painterly art style Alto's Adventure is known for.

It is great to see that Alto's Odyssey will be more than a desert version of Alto's Adventure. The game is set for release in this summer. Please stay tuned and we will keep you posted on more news of Alto's Odyssey APK download.

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