To the Moon Mobile Game to Launch in May

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Indie game development team Freebird Games released their fourth video game To the Moon on Steam in 2012. To the Moon is also their first game that was published commercially and has received generally positive reviews. A recent announcement said that the mobile version of the game would be released in May, 2017.


To the Moon is a role-playing adventure video game built on the RPG Maker XP engine. Though the game uses pixelated graphics, provides only a couple of hours' gameplay, and has no battle system like other typical RPGs, it is praised for the wonderful story and music. The game's focus, being a more story-driven game, is around puzzle solving, interpreting information from the subject Johnny's life, and finding ways to get deeper into his memories. In GameSpot's 2011 Game of the Year awards, To the Moon was given the "Best Story" award, which was won against Catherine, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Portal 2, and Xenoblade Chronicles, which were also voted in the same category.

In the game, there exists a technology that can create artificial memories and is offered as a "wish fulfillment" service to people on their death beds. Secret past is unfolded when Dr. Eva Rosalene and Dr. Neil Watts are fulfilling the lifelong dream of the dying Johnny Wyles. They must solve the problem to fulfill Johnny's dying wish of going to the moon.


It is learned that the mobile version will be a bit different in graphics and interface from the PC version, while the story will remain intact. Besides, the mobile game will be available in multiple languages. 

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