Armed Robber in Minecraft Creeper Costume

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lately a man was reported robbing a convenience store while wearing a Minecraft Creeper hooded sweatshirt. The sweatshirt can be bought online. Maybe the robber is somewhat a fan of Minecraft.

Minecraft Creeper Costume.jpg

The person wore a Creeper enemy spin-off sweatshirt from the popular video game Minecraft and covered his face completely by pulling the zipper to the top. Police are looking for the robbery suspect and warning people not to get too close if they see the perpetrator as he might start hissing loudly, flashing and eventually explode if you get in his near vicinity.

Minecraft Creeper.jpg

People can see from the position of the eyes of this Creeper costume even when they pull the zipper fully up and cover the whole face. Maybe that is the reason this sweatshirt was chosen.

Minecraft Creeper sweatshirt.jpg

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