Brand new Cookie Run: Cookie Wars mobile game is a strategy fighter rather than an endless runner

Friday, August 11, 2017

South Korean video game developer Devsisters has announced that they are working with Nple to push out the latest entry in the hit Cookie Run mobile game series, called Cookie Run: Cookie Wars (Korean: 쿠키런:쿠키워즈), for mobile in South Korea, and will run closed beta test for the game in Q4 2017.

CookieRun CookieWars.jpg

Cookie Run: Cookie Wars will be based on the story told in Cookie Run, depicting that a polluted comet has fallen, infected and varied Gengerbread Men, resulting in a series of battles.

The game will feature Cookie Run characters that players are familiar with, and provide strategy combat instead of running gameplay, which lets players enjoy intense real-time tactical PvP battles. It is a game for those who like strategy games and RPG.

The basic game system has been finished currently. In addition to story mode levels, there will be PvP mode, guild mode, special raids and other content. The developer will also keep improving the game's UI/UX, adjust combat balance, and develop brand new combat modes, to provide players with quality game experience!

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