Carmageddon: Crashers Is Out Now On Android

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Carmageddon: Crashers is the latest title from the creators of the Carmageddon series that brings the drag racing concept to a new height. The game is all about destruction and has described as the antidote to dreary drag strip racing games.

Carmageddon Crashers_1.jpg


In Carmageddon: Crashers, you and your opponent start at opposite ends of a race track and you need to drive as fast as you can to race straight at one another. To survive from the crash, you will need to upgrade your car and power ups to boost the impact force.

Carmageddon Crashers_2.jpg


The game developer Stainless Games promises more cars and new zone will be available for Carmageddon: Crashers players. The game is available for free now after a very short soft-launch. Download Carmageddon: Crashers APK on MoboPlay and enjoy the game. 

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