Clash of Clans Announced New Spell Levels and Balance Changes

Friday, May 19, 2017

As everyone knows that Clash of Clans will soon have a massive update, completely different from the previous updates. After a long waiting, finally Clash of Clans announced on the blog about the latest balancing update will go live at the same time as the big update and should be live in the next few days. Stay tuned!


Clash of Clans.jpg

This round of buffs focus on powering up late-game spells and helping the grind through Town Hall level 9. There are 3 new spell levels is coming to be new clone spell level 5 at town hall 11, new freeze spell level 6 at town hall 11 and a new heal spell level 7 at town hall 10. Also here, they said 7th gold mine and elixir collector now available at town hall 9 instead of town hall 10. Regarding to the bomb damage increased that ensures one bomb will always destroy a wall breaker of equal level. That is good and makes it more defensive. 

Balloon attack rate increased, basically the increasing the attack speed of the balloon and each of the balloon drops will do less damage. But the faster attack action will still remains so the first attack will be immediately when the balloon gets to its target.

That is pretty much about the balancing update, hopefully the big update will be very soon go live, stay tuned. 

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