Contra: Return (魂斗罗:归来) Mobile Game Coming Soon

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tencent works with Konami to release Contra: Return (Chinese: 魂斗罗:归来) soon, bringing the classic side-scrolling shooter Contra to mobile platforms. The game has attracted much attention since it was revealed last year, and finally is available for pre-registration now.

Download Contra (魂斗罗) APK here, to play the classic FC game on your Android device.


Contra is one of the earliest games that met gamers of the 80's and 90's and left memorable experience of cooperation and adventure. To this day, it still has a profound impact on side-scrolling shooter titles.

The two Contra games on FC (Nintendo Entertainment System) have influenced one whole gamer generation. Being as famous as Super Mario games, Contra nearly became one of the synonyms of FC games.

In the thirtieth year after Contra was born, Konami partners with China's Tencent to push out the new Contra game for mobile devices, which is not only enhanced in graphics, but also incorporates a lot of mainstream gameplay in these days.


In the new Contra mobile game, the classic controls remain, including left move, right move, jump up/down and squat, with which players can control the Contra characters at will. What differs from the old version is that the mobile version adds double jump and squat moving, as well as double rockers to allow players to aim at and shoot enemies at 360-degree angles while moving.

Most levels and boss battles are restored in the mobile Contra game, meanwhile the stories and plots are strengthened.

New gameplay and content featured in the mobile game era have been added, including personalized characters and various weapons, to provide players with a richer experience.


Besides the storyline, the most important feature of Contra: Return is the real-time PvP and 3v3 battles. For example, the game adds many interesting features in arena battles, including rooms with hidden attributes, supply provided only at a specific time and jump points for characters to move fast. All those bring the new strategy and cooperation features of MOBA to the classic side scrolling shooting game.


Supported by Konami and Tencent, how will the old bones, incorporating new social elements into classic ingredients, perform on the different platform and create new game experience? Stay tuned for more updates!

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