Let's Play Games! Study Says Pokemon Go Makes Players Happier and Friendlier

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

If you have been one of those involved in the craze started by the augmented reality casual game Pokémon GO last year, well, congratulations.


A new study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison released on April 14th suggests that Pokemon Go players are more likely to be positive, friendly and physically active. Researchers surveyed about 400 people and asked participants questions relating to their emotional and social lives and levels of physical activity.

The researchers found that the game users felt as though their life was more worthwhile when playing the game.


"We don't look at media this way that often, but maybe we should," Alex James Bonus, a UW-Madison graduate and study participant said public perceptions of the impact of Pokemon Go were often incorrect. "We often focus on media violence and aggression and hostility, but there are opportunities where media is contributing to good life experiences."

So, no matter whether you have tried the game, if you need more time outdoors, Pokemon Go can still be a good way to achieve it. Download Pokemon Go APK here.

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