Level-5 Comcept Announces Its First Game Dragon & Colonies for iOS and Android

Monday, June 19, 2017

Recently Level-5 officially announced that Level-5 has acquired Comcept and opened their brand new official website. The newly founded Level-5 Comcept company based in Osaka, Japan, is led by Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino, producer of Jeanne d'Arc, Yo-kai Watch and Inazuma Eleven, and Comcept CEO Keiji Inafune, producer of Rockman, Onimusha and Mighty No. 9.

The first game of Level-5 Comcept is Dragon & Colonies (Japanese: ドラゴン&コロニーズ), running on iOS and Android devices. The game is set to release in Japan in 2018.


Dragon & Colonies is set in a unique cubic world called "Cube Colony", where players can expand territories to build their own kingdoms, and fight against other players for land. The game uses tower defense gameplay, in which the player who first destroys the opponent's defense stronghold wins. The two cubes of the two players will attached to each other when battle starts. You can deploy battlers, weapons and facilities on the four sides of your own cube kingdom, and turn your cube to switch your deployment when battling.

Sounds fun to me! Please follow us for more news of Dragon & Colonies mobile game and Dragon & Colonies APK download.

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