New Mobile MMORPG Lineage M to Launch on June 21

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The latest Lineage M mobile game was unveiled by South Korean game developer NCSOFT lately. NCSOFT announced that Lineage M will be released on both Android and iOS on June 21, and players are able to create characters via the game website beforehand from May 16th and they can use the characters to log in Lineage M when the game officially launches.

Lineage M.JPG

Lineage M, a role playing mobile game made based on the PC MMORPG IP, Lineage, highly reproduces the original graphics and main gameplay system, as well as optimizing user interface for mobile devices. Lineage M features the maps, hosts and items that are exactly the same as those in the original Lineage game, along with the 100% open world where players of any levels can explore freely.

Besides, Lineage M enhances the PvP battles by allowing the winning players to challenge the losing players' alliance. In return, the losers can be teleported to the locations around the players that have defeated them to take revenge. The PvP book function will be provided in the game to help record the PvP battles and rankings.

Lineage M will also adopts arc selector and hotkeys systems. With arc selector, players can select enemies in a range as targets by drawing a curve on the screen, and set a hotkey to replace a series of operations of attacks or items with the hotkey system.

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