Pokémon GO still makes a lot of money after losing 90% of its users

Monday, June 5, 2017

Pokemon GO still makes a lot of money.jpg

The phenomenal AR mobile game Pokémon GO that swept the world last summer may have cooled down, but we keep hearing news about the game such as that it is still making a big profit almost a year after launch.

In the past five months, the game's daily active users have dropped by around 90%, compared with the peak during last July and November.

Pokémon GO still makes a lot of money.jpg

Between July and November last year, Pokémon GO was making an average of £100 ($130) per minute, while now the game has dropped to making £77.39 ($99.52), which has not shrunk as much as the active users though. Pokémon GO even beats other popular games including Clash of Clans and Game of War, the former of which makes an average of £52 ($67) a minute and the other makes £41 ($53).

Pokémon GO is still working on the attempt to win back users, for example, by adding the highly anticipated legendary Pokémon and PvP gameplay system this summer. We may as well install Pokémon GO back on our mobile and give it a shot when the updates are available.


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