Post-Apocalyptic Card Game Nowhere Prophet Enters First Access

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The single-player post-apocalyptic card game Nowhere Prophet has officially entered into first access. The developer of the game said first access is like kickstarter and early access for players to get the game before its full launch and get special rewards as well.

Nowhere Prophet is developed by Sharkbomb Studios and will release first next year on PC and then come to mobile tablets and consoles afterwards. The game is a single player roguelike card game with colorful world and art style. The game sets in a post-apocalyptic world inspired by Indian culture and sci-fi literature. Players need to survive from the journey across this broken world by build a loyal band of followers. 

Nowhere Prophet.jpg

Players will have to charge of the convoy and fight with the enemies in this genre-mix card game with roguelike elements and a tactical turn-based combat system. You can recruit new followers if you survive in the combat and loot the resources to improve your deck to better face the challenges. Nowhere Prophet is expected to first release on PC and then come to mobile platform, the game is currently available as an early access beta through Players who are interested in the game can get it now. Follow MoboPlay for more news. 

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