Survival Horror Adventure Game White Night to Launch on Mobile Worldwide

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

French indie game developer OSome Studio has announced that its adventure puzzler White Night will be released globally on both iOS and Android this fall. White Night, with unique cinematic black-and-white art style, has received critical acclaim when it was originally released on PC and consoles in 2015.

White Night takes place in the 1930s. The protagonist had a car accident in the middle of nowhere and entering an old mansion was his only choice. You will have to explore the macabre and mysterious past of the old mansion and solve puzzles based on lights and shadows. To survive will be your top priority. You need to not only find various items to help the poor guy out of the horrible place, but also collect matches so you can light your way around the mansion and prevent the protagonist from dying of darkness and fear.

White Night.jpgWhite Night.jpg

The brand new White Night mobile game features revamped controls, an adjusted saving system and an overhauled interface specifically designed for smartphones and tablets, together with improvements in both audio and visual effects to provide players with better game experience.

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