Win $1 Million Prize! Global Clash Royale Crown Championship Announced

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Supercell announced Clash Royale Crown Championship Global Series yesterday, promising $1 million in prizes throughout the championship's first year. The Crown Championship consists of two seasons of battles, a spring season ongoing now and a fall season starting in August, plus the World Finals in November 2017.


The Crown Championship takes place on a global scale, and the aim is to find the greatest Clash Royale player in the world. "For Spring Season, only players in the Europe, North America, and Latin America regions can register," said Supercell on the official website, while local competitions in China, Korea, and Japan have already started. All players around the world can participate in the full global competition that begins in Fall Season in August 2017.

Clash Royale Crown Championship Global Series.jpg

To be eligible for the championship, Clash Royale players must have level 8 accounts, be residents of their respective competitive region and over 16 years old. You can check out more information about the competition or register here.

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