How to Sync, Share and Transfer Music Between iPhone and Computer, or Any Other Devices

iTunes Is Useful, But...

Over these years, iTunes has improved its features and services to meet the various demands of iOS users. iTunes works well and has proved its convenience in most aspects. The convenience, however, has quite a few limitations, especially when it comes to data synchronization and backup, which I mean, music sync.
There is no doubt that iTunes can be the NO.1 choice for you when you need to synchronize your own data between your own iOS device and your own computer that has all your backups in its storage. But what if you are using a computer of others to add just two songs to your iPhone Music and want to leave the rest of the Music list untouched?
It's quite possible that you will yell and want to cut your hand off after you click the Sync button cautiously but notice that what you did just wipes out everything on your iPhone or iPad. What a tragedy!

Alright, here we teach how to easily add songs to your iPhone or iPad without impacting other treasures on them.


Download and Install

1. Download MoboPlay.exe here or from the home page of our website.
MoboPlay lets you manage Android/iOS devices from computer, and download the hottest apps and games for FREE.

2. Save the .exe file to the computer.
3. Double click the downloaded MoboPlay.exe file, then click the Quick Install button to install it.
4. A few seconds later you will get two tools, MoboPlay for Android and MoboPlay for iOS. Please double click to open the "MoboPlay for iOS." 

Connect and Sync

5. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone or iPad device to the computer.
6. Click the "Device" button in the lower left corner of the mini panel.
7. Click "Music" and then "Upload".
8. Choose one or more songs in the folder where you store your music files, then click "Open."
After importing, the selected songs will be uploaded to your iOS device successfully.

If You Want to Export Music from iOS Device to the Computer

1. Select the song(s) you want to export by checking the box on the left of the song.
2. Click "Export" and choose the folder you want to export the song(s) to.

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