Afc2 Plugin Installation Guide

1. Launch Cydia (Attention: Wait untill Cydia is fullly loaded before next step.)

2. Tap “Search”, input “Apple File Conduit”, click “Apple File Conduit”2”” in the search result.

3. Tap “Install”

4. Tap “Confirm”

5. Don’t do anything during the installation. When “Restart SpringBoard” pops up, tap it and finish the installation of afc2add.

Note: What is afc2add patch?

(Afc2add) Service patch, also known as AFC patches to solve after jailbreak tools do not use the USB connected MoboPlay access to system files (Prison Break) Issue. Jay Freeman, Cydia’s creater has published Apple File Conduit”2”, which is a replacement for packages such as afc2add.