How to Backup/Restore Data (Contacts, Messages, Call records, etc.) on Your iPhone with MoboPlay?

Backing up your data regularly could prevent data loss. With the help of MoboPlay, you can have a full backup and restore of your iPhone device.

1. Open MoboPlay program.

2. Connect your iPhone device to your computer through a USB cord. MoboPlay should recognize your devcie in a few seconds.

3. In the ToolBox, select "Backup", a new window should come up.


4. Backup data

4.1 You can select the items you wish to back up by checking the corresponding boxes: Contacts, Messages, Call Logs, Images, Wallpaper, Theme, Media, Ring Tones, Apps and APP Data. You can also specify the path of the backup file, as well as make a note in the Memo box.

4.2 Once you make your selections, click on the "Backup" button. The backup process will begin.

4.3 The backup process will be completed in a few minutes.


5. Restore Data

5.1 To restore data, select "Restore" in the ToolBox.


5.2. Select an backup file to restore, as well as the items you want to restore.

5.3. Click on the "Restore" button on the lower right corner of the window. The restore process will begin.

5.4. Data will be restored on your iPhone device in a few minutes.