How to Connect Your Android Device Using WiFi Connection with MoboPlay? (For Android 4.0 or later)

You are able to connect your Android device with MoboPlay via WiFi besides the USB connection. In this tutorial, we will introduce the steps of WiFi connection. Please follow the steps to establish connection.


1. Open MoboPlay program on your PC.

2. Turn on WiFi network on your device.


Note: Please make sure that your PC and device are under the same WiFi network.

3. Install and open MoboPlay Daemon on your android device (Make sure that MoboPlay Daemon has been installed. If not, please go to the bottom of the page for download instruction).


4. Connect to MoboPlay on your PC via MoboPlay Daemon by clicking on “Scan QR code on MoboPlay from PC”.


5. Scan the QR code on MoboPlay by aligning the QR code on MoboPlay within the frame.


6. It will be connected to MoboPlay in a while.


Ways to install MoboPlay Daemon:

Auto Installation: If you do not have MoboPlay Daemon installed on your device, just connect your device to MoboPlay using the USB connection and MoboPlay will install MoboPlay Daemon for you.

Manual installation:

If it is not installed onto your phone, please visit // on your device, click "Download" to install it manually.