What If My Android Device Is Not Able to Connect with MoboPlay? (For Android 4.0 or later)

MoboPlay for PC is a nice and handy Android PC Suite for new Android users to manager their Android Phone. By connecting Android phone to PC, users are able to backup phone contacts and files, download Android Games & Apps, view files in the Android Phone or even root Android phone, and many others. But before doing these amzing things, you have to first connect your Android Phone to PC, and open MoboPlay for PC to reconize the phone.

Let's see what to do if you are not able to connect with MoboPlay for PC. The following thing is done via a USB cable.


1. USB Debugging and Unknown Sources

If you have trouble in connecting your Android device with MoboPlay, please make sure you have enabled USB Debugging and Unknown Sources on your device. These options are

required by MoboPlay for connection.

On devices running Android 4.2 and newer, "Developer options" may be hidden by default, you can go to Settings -> About phone and tap Build number seven times to make it available.

Here is a detailed guide on how to enable Developer Options for different Android Versions:

USB Debugging and Unknown Sources (For Android 4.0 or Later version)

USB Debugging and Unknown Sources (For Android 4.0 or Later version)


1.2 To enable Unknown sources, Select Settings -> Security -> USB Unknown sources. Then select OK to confirm.


Note: On different brand and different phone model, the location of the USB Debugging may be different. But please make sure these it has been enabled.

2. Make sure that the USB Connection Mode is correct

After turning on USB Debugging and Unknown Source, you can connect your Android device to MoboPlay using a USB cord. Please note that you may not connect your device to MoboPlay if you are using an improper USB Connection Mode.

The name for the USB Connection Mode is different on each device Brand, even for different device model within the same brand. So, we suggest you to switch among the USB Connection modes to try to establish connection.

Now you must be able to connect you device to MoboPlay.


If you still have problem in connecting your android device to MoboPlay, please contact us at moboplay@yahoo.com