What If the USB Driver Cannot Be Installed?

At the first time to connect your phone to MoboPlay, the USB Driver for your phone will be automatically installed to your PC. The time required to install the USB Driver depends on your internet connection speed. Please wait patiently for the process to complete. Your phone will not be able to connect to MoboPlayif the USB Driver is not installed successfully. If the USB Driver cannot be installed, please provide the following information to us. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

1. Your PC Operating System

Right click My computer on your PC, then select Properties to find your PC Operating System. Please offer us the following information, including Windows edition, installed memory(RAM) and system type.


2. Your Phone Brand & Model & Your Phone Firmware Version

2.1 Your Phone Brand:

2.2 Your phone model number:

2.3 Your Phone Firmware Version:

Select Settings-> About phone to find Model number and Android version.

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3. Find your hardware ID and send us the screenshot of it

You can find it by hovering on My Computer and click the right mouse button -> Manage -> Device Manager -> Android USB Device -> Select your device -> Properties -> Details -> Hardware ID)


4. The log

4.1. Would you please create two folders named "Log" and “Trace” on your MoboPlaydestination location (You can find it by hovering on the MoboPlayicon and click the right mouse button--Properties--shortcut--Find file location)

4.2. Launch MoboPlayfor a while.

4.3. Mail us the "Log" folder. We need it to track down what has caused the problem on your side! (The “Trace” folder is an auxiliary folder. There is no need to send this folder to us!)

4.4. After mailing us the “Log”, please delete it on your PC, or it will always make a record.

Note: You don’t have to create the “Log” folder if the folder has already existed.